I Actually HAVE… or at Least had a Genius IQ

Unfortunately, My Mental Strength Dwindled Rather Than Strengthened

I was something of an unusual kid… I guess I’m an unusual adult as well.. but that’s not the point!

I was oddly smart, not like a savant or baby genius, just little things like teaching myself to read at two or drawing in perspective and showing distance with my Crayola’s. So, naturally, my mother thought I was amazing (well, I AM..) and tried to nurture that tiny sponge brain with the hopes I’d be a lawyer or something…

Sorry Mom!

I turned into a dreamer, artist, writer and lover of light and energy…

I just got (still get) easily distracted by sunshine, flowers, clouds, bugs and rather doodle than multiply.

It didn’t help that A.D.D. (not A.D.H.D… I just have the basic one…) was not well-known in the 80s. I probably could have benefited from Adderall a little bit.

So, basically, all my “standardised tests” were off the charts so they put me in “Little Kid Extra Smart Classes”, kinda like AP Everything for seven-year olds, it was sick.

I truly hated it! My “peers” were stuck up little competitive, judgemental, snots!

My family… was, um, not…

So, basically, I had a small problem – all my teacher’s reports sent home sounded like, “doesn’t pay attention”, “doesn’t participate”, ”needs to focus”, “incomplete work”, etc…

However, if one of those tests with the lil’ circles was put in front of me, I was on fire!

Then this one bitch teacher told me with quite stern frankness;

“This program isn’t for you. I think you would be better suited amongst peers more on your ‘level’.” (insert condescending old lady bitch voice)

sooooo I had to switch schools in like, 5th grade! It sucked! Royally!!

Especially since I was this five foot ten, broke ass, nerd, newbie who didn’t know a soul and had a teacher who was more scared of my new “peers” than I was!

Imagine if I kept getting super smart? Like, I’m pretty damn smart, but if I was some Ivy League Bitch, I would practicality be mutant! Possibly even President right now!

(Eh! I think I may actually BE too smart for that shit!)

I rather use my powers for good.. on a smaller scale…

I’ma leave you with my song obsession right now…


That’s all for now!

Later bitches!

Light & Love

– Katness


Who Cares?

“Who Cares?” is said by more and more Gen “X”s, “Millennials“, and what ever we’ll be calling the next “sub-standard, tired, uninspired, entitled, over indulgent brats” that will be in charge of the world soon.

– Unknown

Now, everyone thinks that’s the problem.. Truth is, in my opinion, “we” (technically I’ma “millennial”) actully care TOO much! …about Everything.. yet.. Nothing.. and somehow it seems relevant!

I think this generation was born with too many Empaths and not enough teachers for them


I Said This Would be Random: A Tribute to Our Lovely Locks

I Said This Would be Random: A Tribute to Our Lovely Locks

…or at least they SHOULD and CAN be!

Ok- growing up I had wretched hair… (it was the 80’s so pretty much everyone else did, but mine was EXTRA bad..) but I couldn’t even get ugly styles to look good!

I don’t know if it was because I  had two older brothers, was poor, and/or my Mom, the Saint she is, just didn’t have a clue, my hair sucked…  royally!  Regardless- once I had contol over it, it didn’t get much better… (Anyone remember the Flowbie?  “It sucks while it cuts!”)

I was an odd mix of punk, goth, raver, skater-type… Pixie haircut (thx flowbie) Kik-wear jeans with a sparkly dragon shirt, spiked/barbed wire coller, safty pins in my ears AND pants, and Doc Martins to top it off… all while listening to Skinny Puppy, Korn & NIN…  If more than three of those things send you googleing, my apologies.. I’ll try and find a picture… If not… You are my favorite reader!

Blah, blah, blah, years past.. hair grew out, I got “older”… yet my hair, a fine but full mix of wavey/curly and mostly frizzy… still never looked quite right.  I hated the feel of too much product, was too lazy to blow it out and staighten it…  (which didn’t matter if I tried… it just fluffed right out!)  Needless to say- I was ready to go back to the Flowbie!

Yet I prevailed.. I had hope..

I longed for the pretty, soft, long hair I just KNEW was inside.  Now- when I tell you I tried every product in the salon & drug store I assure you – I’m not  exaggerating… Still – NADA!  I was just convinced my hair SUCKED!

Then one magical day… or 3am… I ran into Chaz Dean and his oh-so- convincing infomercial about WEN!  Being the home shopper afficionado that I was… or, well.. am… (don’t judge..) I jumped ON it… I mean come on… Allissa Millano was there… I was helpless! 

A million dollars down the drain… almost literally… I was very unsatisfied and felt duped by my favorite Charmed character!  I did, however, learn that laural sulfate was the cause of Bad Hair… (it’s the stuff that makes soap all super bubbly) and while WEN was bleeding people dry, other companies were making it nice and affordable!

Which brings me to OGX!  One of the first brands to jump, not only  off the laural sulfate band wagon, but also ON the argan oil train…

Lemme tell you… I started with ONLY the oil treatment and immediately saw and felt a difference! Fo’cereal.. no joke, no one is paying me!  I switched to their shampoo & conditioner with a quickness- then fell in line with almost all their products.. The anti-frizz makes Mr. Freeda look like cooking grease, the volumizer puts ANY mouse to shame, and the hairspray… o..m..to the g.. feels like nothing yet works like magic!

Now – I get compliments on my hair all the time… (I’ll teach ya how to make fail proof beach hair another time..) My waves are soft and managable, and best of all- I can go like 3 days without washing! (I learned washing your hair ev- er-y day is murder!)  you don’t NEED to with these types of product!  BTW- a LOT of brands ae following suit… but don’t be fooled just because it has karatin or argon… You gotta check for that sulfate garbage!

Today I’m finaly happy with my hair… I thought it had a mind of it’s own… turns out it just needed some TLC… Now I can color it all kinds of crazy knowing that argan oil has my back…

Good luck to anyone with unfortunate hair!  I hope this helped!  It goes along with one of my beleifs: There is no such thing as “ugly”… just people in need of guidance into their True Self.  Large amounts of product aren’t even the answer! Just the RIGHT products… and I can tell ya how to do it on the cheap!  So stay tuned!

Leave a comment and tell me what you want to know more about… or next!!

Thanks for reading!


Intro is Over: This is what’s on my mind today


Today I have love on the brain… Specificly, my fiancé.

I think he’s great… so do most people that KNOW him.  First impessions can be misleading- he’s shy, a little rough around the edges, and not without fault… but who isn’t really?  Certainly not I… I’m not even sure WHY he loves a mess such as myself… haha…

However – for me, the sun rises and sets with him.  He is kind, loving, brilliant and as sarcastic as they come.  We are frick and frack, Yin & Yang, peas &… well you get it…

The real reason we are inseperable and disgustingly in love is because this is our second time around.  We screwed the pooch TEN years ago and by some grace of whatever you beleive in we found our way back together.

I don’t want to dwell on what went wrong… rather, what went RIGHT… Durring  our time apart we had nearly identical lives… even though he was in NY and I in NJ… we both strugged, suffered, loved, loss, and had no stable home…

Then we crashed together-like the stars and the moons… We GREW… We learned… We realized we were impossible with out each other…

It was like not a day had passed… within a couple months we were engaged!  It was like a fairytale… with a few bumps & bruises… but they were necissary…  Had to work out that missing time…

POINT OF STORY:  Love, forgiveness, hope and fate are real!

He’s my soul twin- my everything- We have the same twisted, silly, and strange sense of humor… we are on the same frequency, I know what he’ll say before he does… He knows exactly when I need extra love, and I rather do nothing with him than anything with anyone else… and  most of all- I can’t imagain life without him…

So for all you nay-sayers, humbuggers  and negitive Nancies… I say – BELIEVE!  Love is out there for everyone.  If *I* can find this, anyone can!  I thought for sure I’d die a crazy old cat lady… haha…

ok! it’s late, I’m tired, and I need to cuddle my love…