New Season – New Hair

My hair is in desperate need of change.. I want something “spring like”.. with pink and purple…

These pictures are the closest to what I’m looking for..

I numbered them in the order that *I* like them.. but still need input..

April 12, 2016 61120 AM EDT

Any ideas, pictures and/or info appreciated!!

I’m a faded red right now and as cute as being called “fox tail” by my Bae is.. I am in need of some FRESH!


(Current) ^

Please leave some comments and/or ideas!!

Thanks everyone!

❤ Light and Love


Ps- this is what a computer generated pic looks like with pink… Kinda cheesy… Hopefully will look better in real life.. lol..



I Said This Would be Random: A Tribute to Our Lovely Locks

I Said This Would be Random: A Tribute to Our Lovely Locks

…or at least they SHOULD and CAN be!

Ok- growing up I had wretched hair… (it was the 80’s so pretty much everyone else did, but mine was EXTRA bad..) but I couldn’t even get ugly styles to look good!

I don’t know if it was because I  had two older brothers, was poor, and/or my Mom, the Saint she is, just didn’t have a clue, my hair sucked…  royally!  Regardless- once I had contol over it, it didn’t get much better… (Anyone remember the Flowbie?  “It sucks while it cuts!”)

I was an odd mix of punk, goth, raver, skater-type… Pixie haircut (thx flowbie) Kik-wear jeans with a sparkly dragon shirt, spiked/barbed wire coller, safty pins in my ears AND pants, and Doc Martins to top it off… all while listening to Skinny Puppy, Korn & NIN…  If more than three of those things send you googleing, my apologies.. I’ll try and find a picture… If not… You are my favorite reader!

Blah, blah, blah, years past.. hair grew out, I got “older”… yet my hair, a fine but full mix of wavey/curly and mostly frizzy… still never looked quite right.  I hated the feel of too much product, was too lazy to blow it out and staighten it…  (which didn’t matter if I tried… it just fluffed right out!)  Needless to say- I was ready to go back to the Flowbie!

Yet I prevailed.. I had hope..

I longed for the pretty, soft, long hair I just KNEW was inside.  Now- when I tell you I tried every product in the salon & drug store I assure you – I’m not  exaggerating… Still – NADA!  I was just convinced my hair SUCKED!

Then one magical day… or 3am… I ran into Chaz Dean and his oh-so- convincing infomercial about WEN!  Being the home shopper afficionado that I was… or, well.. am… (don’t judge..) I jumped ON it… I mean come on… Allissa Millano was there… I was helpless! 

A million dollars down the drain… almost literally… I was very unsatisfied and felt duped by my favorite Charmed character!  I did, however, learn that laural sulfate was the cause of Bad Hair… (it’s the stuff that makes soap all super bubbly) and while WEN was bleeding people dry, other companies were making it nice and affordable!

Which brings me to OGX!  One of the first brands to jump, not only  off the laural sulfate band wagon, but also ON the argan oil train…

Lemme tell you… I started with ONLY the oil treatment and immediately saw and felt a difference! Fo’cereal.. no joke, no one is paying me!  I switched to their shampoo & conditioner with a quickness- then fell in line with almost all their products.. The anti-frizz makes Mr. Freeda look like cooking grease, the volumizer puts ANY mouse to shame, and the hairspray… the g.. feels like nothing yet works like magic!

Now – I get compliments on my hair all the time… (I’ll teach ya how to make fail proof beach hair another time..) My waves are soft and managable, and best of all- I can go like 3 days without washing! (I learned washing your hair ev- er-y day is murder!)  you don’t NEED to with these types of product!  BTW- a LOT of brands ae following suit… but don’t be fooled just because it has karatin or argon… You gotta check for that sulfate garbage!

Today I’m finaly happy with my hair… I thought it had a mind of it’s own… turns out it just needed some TLC… Now I can color it all kinds of crazy knowing that argan oil has my back…

Good luck to anyone with unfortunate hair!  I hope this helped!  It goes along with one of my beleifs: There is no such thing as “ugly”… just people in need of guidance into their True Self.  Large amounts of product aren’t even the answer! Just the RIGHT products… and I can tell ya how to do it on the cheap!  So stay tuned!

Leave a comment and tell me what you want to know more about… or next!!

Thanks for reading!


I Have No Idea Where This is Going

So, I’m starting this here blog.. I’m going to tell whomever is reading, if anyone is, things I know.  

I know a LOT about a lot of things.. Love, beauty, hate, friendships, relationships, art of all kinds, understanding people, understanding LIFE.. the universe, etcetera, etcetera… I have no idea where this will take me..or you.. or even if anyone will listen…

First off: I borrowed my tag line from Atmosphere.  They rule my life… If that’s a problem, keep moving.  If you don’t know who they are, find out.   If you admire them as much as I do, we’ll get along just fine… (I end every sentence with a dot dot dot.. – Slug, [of Atmosphere])

That’s my REAL INTRO…

Hope to hear from some of you… Or at least hope you READ this.  I write real good.. 😉