About what? Me? What I’m writing? Why I’m here? I never liked writing ”About sections”. I feel trivial, uninteresting, and was brought up not to talk about one’s self too much… but here I go- I’ll try and put myself in this box..




I’m shy… at least at first. I guess that’s why I’m here.. to tell people things without having to look you in the eye..
I love to write – always have – even as a child. To me it’s more of a compulsion – like if I don’t get these words out of my head I’ll just go crazy – even if it’s meaningless or uninteresting.



I like to think of myself as an artist, although, I rarely create anymore. When I was younger I was rarely without a sketchbook or a camera or smeared ink on my hands… Now- I make things out of duct tape. However, I think being artistic is more than just creating… it’s how I see the world… I don’t see people – I see how the light hits their face I don’t see brush at the edge of the trees – I see an opening to a fairy community My imagination is usually working overtime and most of the time if I’m watching TV or in a large group of people- I’m paying little attention… more then likely I’m imagining a different world or thinking about why things are the way they are. I like to look at the sky and am always amazed by clouds, sunsets/rises, the moon and always spot hawks while I’m driving.



Well, in addition to that, I practice Reiki, I’m an empath, and I have an uncanny ability to see people for who they are immediately. I’m sensitive to spirits, beleive Karma will always come back around, and that it’s possible to harness the power of the earth and universe.



I love Love.. being in it, seeing it in others, the power it has and it’s boundless energy.


I love the smallest things – like tiny flowers, to the biggest things- like my soulmate… and everything in between. I’m feircly loyal and my friends and family are everything to me. I wouldn’t be here without them… literally.. they keep me tied to this broken body and miserable life..



I know I sound all positive and full of life, but I’m really weighed down by the world and can be really mean– but only to those that deserve it, I speak my mind often therefore sometimes considered a bitch, yet I hold back a lot.. I don’t want to hurt people – but I certainly know how… I’ve reduced the hardest of people to tears… I’m trying to squash that part of myself…



It’s hard because feel I got delt a bunk hand… I’m in constant pain and thwarted at every endeavour… but – I keep going… basiclly just for my family and for my cat… (He is the best cat ever.. constantly entertaining..)



I feel enormous empathy for animals and can not stomach seeing them in pain or confused.. How do you tell a cat it’s not wanted or a dog that it’s hurt or that their person is just gone? I’d take every unwanted cat I saw if I could.. Unfortunately, I don’t even have a home of my own much less a home for a dozen cats.


Yeah- so I’m kinda homeless.. (Yeah, I’m “that” kid.. and if you call me a ” Millennial” I’ll punch you.. I’m part Gen X, Gen Y, and part what-the-fuck-ever I wanna be!)  I live with my family.. it sucks!



I’m somewhere in here.. ⬇



Don’t get me wrong – my parents are truly awesome – I’m greteful… yet miserable. Most of my life is in boxes- has been for years.. I haven’t worked since 2011.. I spent most of the past few years in hospitals and Dr. offices.

This is the end result:



I’m confident that will change soon.

I’ll probably write more on these topics in my ramblings… but I think I just about summed myself up.. That wasn’t so bad..



Haha.. so – yeah… Stay Tuned!




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