It’s Been a While…

Sorry to my few followers..

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted..

I doubt any of you even noticed anyway..

Well, I’ve been busy, lazy, injured, physically AND… emotionally busy, injured and lazy…

So! My thoughts for today- What is Love… exactly?

I could post COUNTLESS pics – memes – whatever you call them…

O000h..Kaaay.. I get that…

You’re getting closer…

THAT sounds about right…

Okay! Now we’ve collected enough random quotes to basically describe what “LOVE”… true, sick, honest, beautiful, wonderful, hateful, jealous, painful, once-in-a-life-time “True Love”.

(that’s MY cupid.. )

I’m so sickly, head-over-heels in love… No matter WHAT, I love my man…

::insert picture of my sexy fiancee::

(Naaaaht! [in best “Borat” accent])

(I won’t post his real pic out of respect and privacy)

He’s the smartest, most talented, brave, tough, sensitive, loving and most wonderful man I ever met.. despite his faults.. (and, fortunately, he feels the same about mine.. [which are many]… most of the time…)

As per “Juno” (one of the greatest cinimatic movies of that generation)

“In my opinon, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.”
Diablo Cody, Juno: The Shooting Script

Aaaaand… that’s pretty much what I gots.. (don’t be jelly.. 😉

Sure- we fight.. He says mean things, I say mean thingswe hurt each other – but ONLY because we know how! (I think that’s a testament of our deep and profound Love and relationship..)

The fact that (so far) we’ve managed to work it all out… eventually… shows how deeply we know, understand and respect each other. It’s kinda a “Catch 22”, so to speak.. because as much as we push each other’s buttons, we ALSO know how to push the good ones! 😉

It’s not always “great”.. There are A LOT of tears shed, on both parts… BUT there is a TON of FUN also!

(IMHO, Love & Hate are two sides of the same coin..)

Think about it; is there someone, who may or may not be in your life, that at one point you LOVED but now HATE? (that’s for cereal..)

Likewise, is there someone whom you truly think you HATE that you actually never even LIKED?

Well, the my friends isn’t Hate (you just despise them..)

TOTALLY different!

Anyway, I LITERALLY would rather do nothing with HIM than anything with ANY ONE else! I know that sounds lame.. but it’s TRUE! (and actually love)

Awwww… so true..

Awwwz.. even MORE true and adorable!

WAIT! Now hold up a hot minute before you stop reading! …I have a real TRUTH and/or test of sorts for you!

I’ma let you in on a little-known, and completely true, testament of TRUE Love… (with out awkward convos or spilling out “I Love You” TOO SOON!)

Okay- first, we set the “stage”

  • You two are having a meal or a snack, watching The Martian (perhaps you ordered a shitty salad or no fun pop corn – and he has a freaken delicious “man food”.. which he is more than happy to give you a bite of..) Suddenly – out of nowhere, your stupid salad or fat-free popcorn is gone and yet- he still has about 3 bites left of greasy “man food”.

  • One of two things WILL happen:
  • He will continue to devoir his food and lick his greasy fingers in a very unsexy way,
  • OR he will offer your glazed-over-eyes-and-slightly-watering-mouth THE LAST BITE (sometimes two bites!) …and sexily let YOU lick the grease off his fingers. (ok… that last part might be gross.. IDK..)

Either way – there is a subconscious act happening!

  • Scenario One– you are just straight up BOOTY to him! :/ (ain’t no shame in the game if that’s what’s up)
  • Scenario Two– He Loooooves you! 🙂 By giving you that tiny morsel he is tapping into his “primal instinct” to “provide” for you.. AKA – not just bump uglyies, but have cave babies with you! (if that’s what’s up of course.)

This is a tried, true and tested method of finding his emotions without being stupid and “having a talk” with him.. Guys HATE that shit! (well, MOST guys..)

TRUST me on this one! My Love always saves me a bite (or at least offers..) and it makes my heart just SOAR!

OK- so, that’s my brief take on certain, yet important, points of love..

Hope this dropped some Zen on ya! Be well!

– light & love, Katness


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