I Was Born in the Wrong Era…

…Or was I?

I’m watching a show on HBO, Vinyl, maybe you’ve heard of it… hopefully you.ve seen it..


It’s awesome; full of debochory, violence, sex, drugs, music, liers, cheaters, artists.. totally captures the 70’s in all it’s disgusting ways. 

Yet I want to be there. 

Actually, it’s not to different from the world now.  I could be living that lifestyle.. I kind of used to live that lifestyle.. I just wasn’t too commited to it.  I tried being “responsible” at the same time.  Turns out it doesn’t work that way.. I just ended up messing my life up.  I wasted time.. I wasted money.. I wasted the best years of my life. 

I tried to make up for it.. I got a good job.. I wore a suit to work.. I was engaged..


…but I was a fraud.


I hated it all. 


Now – where am I?  I liked coke, so now I take prescribed amphetamines.   I liked opiates, so I got them from a doctor.   (I can’t take them anymore – so I take sedatives from a doctor.)  I’m still living that lifestyle – but without the fun because I’m constantly in pain and somehow it’s ok.. to help me forget – or numb outthe chronic pain…  because it all comes in nice little pills…


…from a pretty blue pad of paper…

…from a dealer with an “MD” after their name.


It’s redicolous.

So was I born in the wrong era or just in the wrong life?   Or maybe – just maybe – I was born in the perfect time with a perfect life and I just screwed it all up…

Yeah.. that sounds about right.. that’s pretty much what this show is about… screwing it all up.

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