Procrastination Nation – I’ll get there… eventually…

Procrastination… Something I’m far too good at… As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now!  I’m supposed to be getting ready to go out with my beastie…  Instead, I’m writing to you.

I’ll probably be late…


(If this were true I’d be a size zero…)

I don’t know why… just has always been my downfall… I work better under pressure – or just don’t do things… I’d probably be a renowned writera teachera famous artist or photographeranything but an unemployed, permanently injured, wannabe writer/artist who hasn’t worked since 2011… ( that probably has something to do with it )


Without a job I have no time table- no structure, and I rarely know what day – or even month – it is… I wrote the year 2004 on something recently!  (that was a great year…)  If it weren’t for doctor appointments and my fiance’s work schedule I’d be useless.

When I stopped working I thought I’d start the novel I have tucked away in my lazy brain.. that never even pretended to start… this [blog] is helping though…

Ok- I seriously have to go…

I suck at time…


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