My Mom: Proof that People Only Have Children to Act as Slaves

I truly love my mom.. she’s like a best friend. She has been through more with me than any person alive… But right now, she is driving me insane!

A little back story: I’ve been living with her for far too long.. After leaving an abusive relationship I was supposed to stay with my parents ”for a little while” which of course turned into years.. I’ll explain THAT one another time…

While living with them I “earned my keep” by cleaning and helping out a lot around the house.  NOW I finally move out and she actually expects me to keep up what I was doing before! Yeah, because keeping up two houses is SO easy.. Especially with my back issues… It’s a mirical I get my own life together…

Funny thing is- She had that kind of co-dependence with her own mother and specifically said she didn’t want to do that to me!  HA!

So then, She goes and breaks her damn wrist!  Now I’m really obligated to cart her around and get quilted into cleaning… which apparently I’m not “reliable” enough (Sorry for getting sick… gosh..) and she needed to get a cleaning lady.. Thank god! She should have done that sooner… Plus – She should also have a Caregiver come in once in a while.. Both my parents are physically disabled in some form – as am I – But nooooo… That would be admitting they’re “old”… Which they arel!

Which brings me to today… I didn’t sleep because I had to be up early to drive her to the Dr… I was late became of some major accident- She finally gets the cast off but still keeps bitching.. and probably still will not want to drive anywhere! 

I just love how my brothers are helping out also- that’s a real treat…

I know I shouldn’t complain.. I’m just tired… and tired of her relying solely on ME!   I really just want to be in bed right now..  It’s been a rough few days.. I guess it’s time to Addie – up if I’m this tired already… Still have a shit ton to do….

Thanks for reading!

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