I Hate My Skin, but…

…I am not powerles to it! 

I’m not going to tell ya how old I am, just that I am too old to be dealing with acne…

I will tell ya things that work and keep those nasty thing at bay…

First:  Keeping your skin clean is key.. (Duh)Biore  maks most of the best face care products as far as I’m concerned.. I use the charcoal  wash to get make-up off, the scrub in the morning, and of course those silly strips.. (They are old school but legit!)

Next: if it’s a rare day and I didn’t put on makeup… I still gotta clean my face at night.. (Honestly.. I do this if I’m feeling too lazy to use the soap… They remove every bit of make-up..) Pond’s wet towelets, in soothing lavender, are the best wet wipes out there!! (remember? I said I’ve tried everything)

Then: Eventually, still a lil’ bugger will pop out, right?  Clean & Clear Persa-Gel (10% peroxide) will nip it in the bud overnight.. seriously..

I also use a dermatologist tool to clean out my pores.. but watch some videos to learn how to use it right or you’ll do more harm than good!!

Now.. I have some scars and marks so I’m trying Bert’s Bees Blemish Stick.. (it’s really a roll on oil)  Used daily it’s supposed to fix discolouration AND preemptively reduce acne.. I’ll keep ya updated how that works..lol.. It’s full of all kinda of natural oils and stuff and sounded good..

This stuff it priced middle of the road.. but you get what you pay for… (Yet you don’t have to pay out the ass for good skin..)

I truly believe that if you try this routine you’ll see results…


This is my skin.. make-up free.. Using this regiment. I can’t show you the ” before”..it’s too embarrassing!!

Ok.. say none of this works or you have your own regiment.. I’ma let you in on a little secret.. Caramex lip balm (preferably in the tube)  It’s secret is that it has salicylic acid in it!  They don’t list that in “active ingredients” but it’s key… it heals while keeping your skin moisturised.. and without clogging your pores..

Another cheap trick.. especially if you get one of those pimples that hurt.. (you know what I’m talking about..) Simple Neosporin tripple antibiotic CREAM.. The ointment is not good in this sitch.. seriously.. Just be careful not to get it near your eyes, and I don’t recommend sleeping with it on..

Ultimately… the best way to keep your skin problems at bay is to eat right, moisturize, (Aveno body lotion is great on the face.. Don’t get dupped and get a separate face AND body lotion..) don’t miss a day and/or skimp on anything, and most of all.. STAY OUT OF THE SUN!   Seriously… If you must.. Use massive sun block.. Tan is not a sign of health..  My mother never went sun bathing and at 67 her skin looks as good as mine.. Oh yeah, and don’t smoke!!  (I highly recommend vapes.. I’ll post about that later..)

Ok.. So that’s all I have to say about that…

Comment and let me know if YOU have any secret tricks!  🙂

Thanks for reading!

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