I should be sleeping… unfortunately, I took too much Adderall and am out of Xanax.

I take a lot of pills. I was in 4 car accidents in 5 years. I’m off most of them… I went from a shoe box to a pill-box.. so that’s good I guess. My fiance has been a HUGE help… unfortunately I’m in constant pain… but I’m learning to deal.


I was basically a shut in for 4 years trying to fix my back.. (I’m now the proud owner of six titanium screws and rods) I’m trying to get my life back… it’s not easy… but that’s another story!

Anyway, I’m supposed to go to an estate sale in a few hours. I’ve been to and worked countless ones, but this one is going to be the worse. It’s a good friend who just lost her mother in all kinds of tragic ways.

I want to be there for her, although she resists my attempts. I’m not used to feeling helpless… it’s what I do.. I help people. We’ll see how it goes… best case, I see my friend whom I haven’t seen in forever. I should make her a duck tape wallet. That’s one of the things I do when I can’t sleep… or I can dye my hair purple… IDK..

Point of story: I can’t sleep.

I don’t know what to do because I’m in pain… and I’m expected to be functional in less than 4 hrs. DEFO not enough time to sleep. I’ll let you know what happens. If I duck tape, I risk waking up my Bae. I do my hair I risk lookin’ a fool later… that’s why I’m here venting to whomever you are…

(thanks for that!)

I really appreciate all the likes and follows. I know one of these days I’ll write some profound shit… for now it’s just complaining and poetry.

Hope your day is awesome… whomever you are…

Light and Love,


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