Unbroken to You

I’ve said-
I love you,
a million and one times.
I’ve said –
I miss you,
to a million and one people.
I’ve dated and loved
and lost and hurt,
as many times as
I’ve been alive in years.

I’ve loved and missed
I’ve been lost and hurt,
by him.. because of him.
I thought he broke me forever.

He was the worst.
Destroyed doesn’t even begin
to describe the hell
I’ve been through.
Never did I think
I’d say it again.
Or would,
or should
say anything again,
much less to him.

I thought broken was forever.

Yet, just one night,
that’s all it took.
wrapped up in his body,
his soul,
his eyes,
his everything I forgot. 
Something changed.
At first I was doubtful
that what I felt was real. 
But then,
I just said it again.

A flood of unbroken..
I love you.
I miss you.
I trust you.

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