I’m NOT Going to Vote.. don’t judge me!

I’m NOT Going to Vote..   don’t judge me!

I think that voting for Government Officials by Uninformened Individuals is stupid.

Voting is antiquated.

I, personally, do not have the knowledge to cast a fair ballot.

I have ZERO idea which side is “less evil”… (they’re still EVIL!)

SO many people are angry at me for this.

I just can’t care though…

Sorry, USA.


Today We Will Discuss Betrayal, Lies and Other Ways to Hurt Someone

be·tray \ bi-ˈtrā , bē- \ verb

(transitive verb)

1: to lead astray; especially : seduce.

2: to deliver to an enemy by treachery.

3: to fail or desert especially in time of need.

4a : to reveal unintentionally.

b : show, indicate.

c : to disclose in violation of confidence.

Angry… and There’s Little I Can Do About It!

Angry… and There’s Little I Can Do About It!

Ok… SOOOOO… kind of a lot is going on right now..


Not just in MY world.. that kind of thinking is very egocentric.

The world in general feels very angsty.


However… these are MY ramblings so I shall air my grievances.


First of all, you should know that I am generally a positive, kind, generous, understanding, and forgiving person… for the most part.

To actually get me truly angry isn’t easy. My main triggers are; selfishness, cruelty, being disrespectful, unnecessary greed, and overall lack of compassion.

I tend to aggressively avoid people and situations that get me triggered.


Regardless… people happen.

I don’t feel comfortable explaining the back story here. It’s pretty personal.. not just to myself but to a family who is grieving.

Anyway… two people really upset me.

The first being someone who is in a compromised emotional state, therefore I felt guilty being angry with her.

This guilt quickly dissipated the more she contacted me.

anger merter

I feel like I pretty much kept my cool…

Until…. I spoke to, what I thought would be, a calming person.



This newt person in my life just contributed to said anger rising!

I felt dejected.




Broken down.






Worst of all… I felt wrong… and wronged!! Like MY emotions had no value. As if one of the people I count on the most in life just abandoned me.

That, my friends, is an epicly awful feeling…


I wish I could explain specifics..

Maybe at a later time.

Anyway… this all happened yesterday.

I slept on it.

I feel less shitty.

My wonderful boyfriend helped me put things into perspective.

emo v logic sign

I tend to think with emotions rather than logic.

emo v logic scale

I’m fairly confident that things will pan out.


If not…

…oh well?

Later Bitches!



Love Story

Love Story

There are so very many amazing love stories out there… right though?!

I have to say MY personal favorite is Nicholas Spark’s, The Notebook.

I often identify with Olive.. or Emma Stone in general..

(side note.. LOVE this movie..)

ANYWAY… I know it’s so cliché

However, something just resonates with me.

…maybe because I’m afraid of Altzheimer’s?

…maybe because my memory already sucks?

(I keep the best secrets though!)

…maybe I see so much of myself in Allie…?

(I’m pretty sure I’m not as stuck up…)

…and maybe I see so much of my ACTUAL love in Noah!!

…it’s kinda true.

Ok… So it’s no secret that I LOVE tangents.. side notes and etceteras..

I just got off the phone with my man..

(LOVE him!! ..also love that he calls me on ALL his breaks.. )

So, anyway.. we were talking about his job.. (construction.. and not in the BEST area.. clearly.. lol.. 🙄) ..and he tells me a short lil’ story about people breaking into the site at night and stuff..


Then he used an amazing word..

(I don’t know if you know this about me.. but I LOVE a good word!)


That’s how he described the hooker..

(Some hookers really don’t do their job well..)

…I almost died from love. Both of him.. AND his descriptive.

I actually can not even think of a better way to end this random thought.

Light & Love!

Kattness 💖

I’m Kinda at a Loss…

I’m Kinda at a Loss…

I want to write something meaningful, BUT…

There are mainly three things on my mind on a regular basis… ok, FOUR really… but two are a combo.

1.) My boyfriend/Love of my Life

a.) Spending Time with him

b.) Making Love to Him

2.) My Adorable, Fun & Endlessly Entertaining Cat

3.) Food… all of it.

That’s SUCH an understatement!!!

My mind is in a perpetual whirlwind of questions, longing, pondering, imaginary scenarios and day dreams.

However, the “Main Three” are usually the basis of such mind trees and mental tangents.

It’s actually kinda rough.

Sounds awful, right?!

…but seriously, I’m basically in a constant state of wonder, curiosity and intrigue.

It’s like being a cat on acid…

…which is probably pretty close to being a human on acid…

soooo idfk.. just that I’m NOT on acid… I just think too much.


Light & Love

Undone Perfection

Undone Perfection

My darling…
If I call you sweetheart under my breath,

If brush your face with my touch of my kind of love,

If I gaze unto you with the kind of silent love that makes you blush,

If I told you nothing with words but with the grace of a slight kiss,

Would you still question my loyal soul and open heart?

Light & Love to all my fellow romantics!


– Katness